Thursday, April 06, 2006


The Office of the Communication Director is the lead communication arm of the Government and vehicle of understanding for a well-informed and enlightened citizenry, proud of its heritage and Attuned to the new global realities.


To develop and implement a comprehensive communication program which harnesses information technology and coordinates similar programs of other government agencies in communicating the Presidency and the Government
to our people and to the international community, thus heightens public awareness and support for nation-building


To provide the people with multi-media materials at the highest professional level, expertise, and services through organizational teamwork and Partnership with other government agencies, private groups and independent organizations.


PIA serves as the gateway of information and communication between the Government and the people and vice versa…

…translating the thrusts and vision of the Government.
…relating the people’s sentiment.

PIA successfully achieves this end through different ways:

Ø Determining the information needs of the people;

Ø Conducting research and evaluating information programs;

Ø Planning and executing national information programs;

Ø Assisting other government agencies in the information and communication components
of their programs;

Ø Upgrading skills of government personnel involved in communications;

Ø Supporting the development and expansion of indigenous media and technology; and,

Ø Establishing and maintaining information centers in regions and provinces.


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